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Sandra Kozintseva



At South Loop Photo we’re all about preserving precious moments for years to come and having fun while you do it.  

I have over 15 years of experience photographing families, newborns, grandparents, siblings (both furry and human) and capturing major family moments over the years. 

I got my first camera at age 12, a 35 mm LOMO, learned to process film and print black and white images. It stayed a hobby for years, winning a competition here, getting a print in a magazine there. And then I had kids and rediscovered the reason for photography all over again. Often I knew exactly how I wanted the picture to look but did not have the technical skills to actually do it. So it was time to go back to school, this time a photo school.  I studied first at the New York Institute of Photography and then at the Harrington College of Design in Chicago. While doing school assignments I discovered the world of product photography and loved the idea of total control of the set, but my main love was and always will be kids and families, the connection between people that comes out in the pictures. 


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